Toyota 2JZ OUTLAW Pistons 86.5mm 10.0:1


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For the more serious 2JZ racer! Dicktator is proud to release the product you have all been asking for! Our new range of upgraded OUTLAW pistons compliments our existing lineup and are a must for your high power engine build. Specifically designed for professional racers, our pistons are ready to cope with the stresses of high compression, high RPM and mega boost. The result is the best pistons on the market, ready for any abuse you can throw at them.

PHOSPHATE COATED! These OUTLAW forged pistons have a phosphate coating that gives off the grey appearance. This is a dry lubricant coating which is permanently bonded to the piston surface, as opposed to a thermal film coating which can wear off. This phosphate coating provides a lubrication to the pin bores and ring grooves until the engine oil reaches operating temperature, most importantly during cold start scenarios, protecting against galling and micro-welding.

MOLY COATED SKIRTS! The application of Molybdenum to the piston skirt reduces friction between the piston and the cylinder during engine operation. It also helps during cold start ups and high temperature operation where a substandard oil barrier on the cylinder wall could exist.

INCREASED LUBRICATION: Added oil channels have been added around the skirting and the pin.

Complete 6 cylinder set with pins, rings and locks.
These are some of the best forged pistons available! Available in 86.5mm. The compression ratio is 9.0:1.

Diameter: 86.5mm
Pin Diameter: 22mm
Compression Ratio: 10.0:1
Compression Height: 34mm
1st Ring: 1.2mm
2nd Ring: 1.5mm
3rd Ring: 2.8mm

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 41 × 31 × 10 cm