Haltech Elite 2000

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Elite 2000 is positioned between Elite 750 and Elite 2500 and is aimed at tuners who want more features than the Elite 750 but don’t need all the race functions available in the Elite 2500.


• Waterproof Case (IP67) (With Pocket Cover Fitted)
• 4 x Fuel Injection Outputs
• 4 x Ignition Outputs
• 28 x Digital Outputs
• 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs
• USB Laptop Communications up to 1 MB/s
• 6 x Engine Position Inputs with extensive trigger type support
• Programmable Injector Peak and Hold Currents
• OBDII Capable – Set and clear diagnostic trouble codes, view live engine data
• ESP Calibration Software – Intuitive and easy to use
• Dual CAN Bus communication for OEM and Haltech CAN Expansion
• User definable 5D Tuning – Tune by gear, Cam angle or any channel for ultimate flexibility
• Variable cam control – Independently control up to 4 camshafts Auto tune capabilities –
• Short and Long term fuel, ignition, boost and idle control learning
• Single Channel Knock Control – with high speed digital filtering for accurate detection
• Multi-fuel Support – Support for Petrol (Gasoline),LPG, Methanol and Ethanol
• E85 Flex Fuel Ready – Direct connection to sensor.
• Closed Loop Boost Control – Multiple Modes – Tune by gear, wheel speed or time
• Closed Loop Idle Control – With learning for consistent idle stability
• Closed Loop 02 Control – Dual bank control for precise tuning
• Anti-Lag and Launch Control – Drag and Rally modes
• Data logging – Up to 40 channels of logging. Sampling rates up to 5ms
• Multi Level Engine Protection – Set limits for sensors and protect your engine


Fuel Injector Outputs:
• 4 x Current controlled injector drivers
• High or low impedance injector compatible
• Programmable Peak Current – 0A – 8A
• Programable Hold Current – 0A – 2A
• All spare injector outputs can be used as generic DPOs with 1A Max output.

Ignition Outputs:
• 4 x Over current protected ignition drivers
• Max current 1A per driver
• All spare ignition outputs can be used as generic DPOs with 1A Max output.

Digital Pulse Outputs:
5 x Over current protected low side pulsed outputs
• 1 x Dedicated engine control relay output which can control up to 6 relays simultaneously

Drive By Wire (DBW) Outputs:
• 2 x Over current protected hi / low side motor outputs
• Suits most OEM throttle bodies and pedals
• Max current 5A per driver
• 1A Average current
• 100KHz Max frequency

Stepper Motor:
• 1 x 4 wire stepper motor control
• Can be configured as 4 x hi / low side outputs
• Max drive current 1A per output
• Max sink current 1A per output
• Over current protected

Analogue Inputs:
• 10 x Analogue Voltage Inputs (2 of which are compatible with narrowband O2 sensors)
• Switchable 1K Ohm pull-up resistor for sensors
• Rated up to 20V Max input voltage
• Supports up to 1.5KHz input frequency

Engine Position Inputs:
2 x Engine position inputs with extensive trigger type support
• Supports variable reluctor and digital inputs

Synchronised Pulse Inputs:
• Supports variable reluctor and digital inputs
• 50KHz Max frequency• Rated up to
20V Max input voltage

Knock Control:
• Supports piezo knock sensors
• Synchronised to engine position

Internal MAP Sensor:
• 3 Bar Internal MAP Sensor rated up to 200kPa of Boost (2bar/29psi)

• 2 x CAN Bus communication for Haltech CAN and vehicle CAN expansion
• 1 x USB connection for programming

Data Logging:
• On-board data logging (up to 40 channels of logging)
• Sample Rate 5ms
• 1MB Internal Storage

Elite 1500 vs Elite 2500

What’s the same:
• Waterproof case
• Drive-By-Wire
• Variable Cam Control
• Self Learning Fuel Maps
• Data Logging
• Anti-Lag and Launch Control
• Open and Closed Loop Boost Control
• Both run on the new ESP software

What’s different:
Elite 1500 is ideal for 4 cylinder or 2 rotor engines.
It has 4 fuel and 4 ignition outputs and single knock control.

Elite 2500 is ideal for 6, 8 cylinder or 3, 4 rotor engines.
It has 8 fuel and 8 ignition outpus and dual knock control.


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