NGK AFX Air Fuel Ratio Monitor Kit (with NTK Sensor)


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The NGK AFX is a true air/fuel monitor that senses exhaust oxygen, carbon monoxide, hydrogen, and hydrocarbons in the exhaust and calculates real time air fuel ratio (AFR). Air Fuel Ratio is a crucial parameter that dictates horsepower and engine performance. Performance enthusiasts and tuners can use Air Fuel Ratio information to make adjustments to the fuel delivery system (carburetor, fuel injection) to help achieve the maximum horsepower available from their engine. The AFX is compatible with both Bosch LSU and NTK UEGO (wideband) sensors without any changes in hardware or programming and offers superb accuracy (comparable to some laboratory grade systems).

This package comes with:

  • Digital display controller
  • Wiiring harness
  • Wideband oxygen sensor
  • Exhaust boss & plug
  • Mounting Velcro
  • Comprehensive air-fuel ratio tuning manual


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