Heat Shrink Tubing (Heavy Wall Adhesive)

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Available in variety of diameters and lengths.

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Heavy-duty heat shrink tubing’s have thick, durable walls. Some of these come with adhesive lining. The result is tough, lasting resistance against abrasion, flames, chemicals and moisture.

A heat shrink tubing can also be used for:

  • Identification — color coding is used to make identification simpler
  • It is also used as an insulator and is used for insulation against over-heating in army vehicles, aircrafts and boats
  • It also acts as roadblock between cables and different corrosive metals
  • For harnessing wires
  • To prevent water, dust, etc. from moving into splices
  • It offers enhanced longevity and is often used to manufacture robust and long lasting labels for applications in networking patch cords
Available in the following diameters:
  • 9mm per meter
  • 13mm per meter
  • 22mm per meter
  • 33mm per meter

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